Haunted House & Attraction Marketing

Let’s face it, marketing a haunted attraction isn’t cheap; therefore it is paramount your budget is spent on ‘what works’.

“What works” is often not black or white when it comes to online marketing; furthermore, your offline marketing should work in synergy with your online marketing, but with review websites (business bullies) allowing competitors to leave bad reviews while filtering your good reviews, it doesn’t matter what you spend, bad reviews will hurt your business.

Hi, my name is Jack Lombardi, an SEO & SEM expert located in Chicago, IL.  For the past 10 years my team and I have helped hundreds of small businesses get found on the web by prospective leads through search engine optimization and reputation management.

Late 2017 by buddy Rodrigo, a childhood friend came to be with an idea that would help Haunted houses defend themselves from bully review websites.  What’s funny about his idea, at the time Rod had NO internet marketing knowledge and was still able to identify the issue small business owners face when dealing with fake and damaging reviews.

Fortunately for Rod I had the means and knowledge needed to help bring his concept to life; HauntRave.com allows Haunted attraction owners to contest bad reviews, and we NEVER filter good and honest reviews.

Our proposition
We want to help by allowing you to leverage good reviews and contest bad/fake reviews.

I know what you’re thinking, this is awesome, but what’s the catch.

The catch, you claim your listing 100% free, that simple.

How we make money

If you want full control of your listing and want us to promote the listing on Google along with your good reviews, you will pay a very affordable annual fee.
What is “very affordable” you ask, well for just $497/annually you get to control everything and full access to all the features of your listing, or for $247/m we give you the same access and we promote the listing and it’s reviews on Google, Bing, Yahoo and local & national press sites.

Oh, did I mention you can cancel anytime?

Definitely less than other online marketing platforms.

You’ll love our dashboard too.  From the Dashboard you can control reviews, respond to reviews, and even delete reviews you do not want posted.  We also have analytics in our dashboard to show how many visitors came the listing and much more.

How you start…

You can claim your listing by visiting your attraction on HauntRave.com and click [ claim your listing ], or message us below and we can do it for you.

Keep in mind our prices will go up for late adopters. Once HauntRave.com gets more than million hits per month, your fees will increase.  You will never have to pay an increase if you take advantage of our limited time introductory rate.

Our promise to you…
If you get in now, you will lock in our introductory rate; this means you will never spend more no matter how many millions of people visit HauntRave.com.   Can you imagine getting in on the ground floor of some of the biggest review sites?  Here’s that chance!

Don’t worry, if you decide not to join HauntRave.com, you can always do it later, but this limited offer will not be available.

See you in the Dashboard

Jack, Rod and the Hauntrave.com team